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Pre-Engineered Roof Trusses


Trusses at MacDonald BuildersRoof trusses can be engineered for all types of structures. Whether you’re building a residential home, an apartment building, or a commercial complex, roof trusses are a key component to creating a fully engineered, structurally sound building. By using engineered roof trusses, you can minimize the material costs. MacDonald Builders and Suppliers provides truss layouts and sealed drawings, thereby expediting the erection and inspection processes, while saving you money. The same engineering standards and software that are used in commercial construction are used in the residential engineering.

Flexibility in Design

Roof trusses can be designed to fit your needs. Cathedral and tray ceilings, and attic storage areas are just some of the features that can be incorporated into your truss design. Roofs with a pitch or flat chord roof systems can easily be designed to fit your needs. Each truss is individually engineered to ensure a strong, yet cost effective, roof system.

MacDonald Builders Truck delivering construction materials. A group of trusses are seen in the foreground.

Commercial Construction, Farm and Agricultural Buildings

Roof trusses in commercial buildings provide the same benefits as those in residential construction. Sealed drawings for inspections, truss layouts for contractors, and strong, sound roof systems can be used on most commercial applications. Restaurants, office and apartment complexes, and retail stores are all possible applications for roof trusses.